SCM player skins Petite Kokoro


Idk why I’m even blurring his full username!

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My legs are the cutest right now~ 


Just derping around while the house is going trough progress~ I really love this piano, and earlier I used a laptop in game to chat in omegle, was really fun!

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I’VE MOVED!! My friend Jess found land and is renting it, allowing me and Rae to move in! There is still much to do, but I have decorated the house a bit already, I’m super excited and I hope we can stay on the land forever.

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My jolly trip to the candy store, this kid got to have her fix!


some ~Baby The Stars Shine Bright~ Lolita brand inspired shoes at Manga Fair! I got slink shoes esp for these shoes (too bad I haven’t been able to make sock appliers to work for some reason….) 

I got these shoes in white and seafoam! I hope these will be available at the mainstore later on, so it’s not just one in a lifetime chance to get them

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last one I promise!